Half Day Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa is one of the oldest cities in Kenya with a fascinating history dating back to 200AD. It is also hosts the largest port in East Africa. Attractions in Mombasa include; the Mombasa Tusks (Mapembeni in Swahili), The Fort Jesus – built by the Portuguese, The Market (Markiti – in Swahili) for spices and colorful fabric, the Old Town for narrow old streets and the Akamba Wood Carvers.  


0800 hrs: Pick up from your hotel and drive to the old town.

Your day takes you down an intriguing maze of cobbled streets, past overhanging balconies and through mysterious doorways to bustling markets filled with exotic food spices, fruits and colorful fabric (African Kikoys & Khangas) you .Visit the Famous Fort Jesus and learn about the Portuguese history then proceed to the Akamba wood carvers and get opportunity to buy wonderful crafts and other souvenirs..

In the early after noon return to your hotel.

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