Brief History

Green Kenya and Safaris was established in May 2006. It was a culmination of competent proprietors who have worked in the tourism industry for a long time. We have brought into the company a wealthy of experience acquired through time.

The need to foster tourism in Kenya and in the entire African Continent agitated to the formation of this company. The Greén Kenya and Safaris is a visionary company charged with the client’s taste.

We at Green Kenya and Safaris are solely concerned with the wide variety of the numerous attractions within Kenya and the rest of Africa. We are also creating new avenues of attractions with rich cultural, diversity and biodiversity.

We at Green Kenya have always put the visitors at heart, the reason why we have employed the best tour guides drivers and other office personnel who are courteous friendly and concerned.

Mission Statement

To give our clients the best services concerning adventure and tourism attraction sites by providing efficient transportation, information and accommodation.

Vision Statement

To be the leading tour operator company globally, thus continue making Kenya the most preferred tourist destination centre in the world.

Main Objective

To protect and conserve flora

To provide tourists both domestic and foreign vital information concerning Kenya’s wildlife diversity.

To make people aware of the importance of nature conservation. To explore new tourist attractions and popularize them to visitors.

To provide a link between different world tourist destinations and related tourism industries e.g. Hotels, Lodges, Camps, Parks e.t.c. and fauna in their natural habitats i.e. Terrestrial and Marine.

To encourage better flora and fauna husbandry especially to the endangered species.

Tour Guides

We at Green Kenya have the best tour guides who are conversant with different languages, i.e. English, French, Germany, Italian and Spanish. Most of our guides and drivers have been in the field for (10 — 15 years)

They have a rich history, concerning flora and fauna in all Kenya’s tourism attractions sites and Africa at large. They create friendly interpersonal relationship with visitors based on courtesy, care and kindness.

We at Green Kenya and Safaris emphasize the need to disseminate relevant and correct information at all times therefore our guides stick to that fact as they take the visitors through.

Our guides are fully trained in First Aid and other safety related services to be able to save lives incase of an emergency.


We at Green Kenya in terms of transport we operate with 4-wheel drive Land Cruisers with open Roofs and window seats.

We also have open roof mini buses well serviced for long safaris, excursions We also have Quads and Mountain bikes well serviced for the purpose concerned.

For City tours we have small cars (taxis)

Kenya & Safaris Prospects

Making Green Kenya & Safaris the best choice for Safaris and Holiday in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Making Kenya the best tourism destination in the world by providing innovative and admirable services.

Making Kenya the conservation Centre of nature.

Making Kenya the better home for wildlife by encouraging animal husbanding practices and discouraging reckless killing of wildlife.

Making African traditional cultural centers more attractive and promoting its artifacts and the rich cultural diversity.

About Us

Green Kenya and Safaris was established in May 2006. It was a culmination of competent proprietors who have worked in the tourism industry for a long time.

Contact Us

Telkom: +254 207 860 012

Safaricom: +254 794 668 117

Airtel: +254 100 727 466

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